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Hi! I’m Jenny. An author, speaker, Harvard Business Review writer, Google Executive, Founder of Own Your Career, mom, and pilot. I’m also an unstoppable confidence booster dedicated to helping you get what you truly want.

Then I learned to embrace my inner “weird.” To be curious about everything. To meet people in airports. To ask for things that nobody else did. To chase my future husband off the subway. To shine when everyone else wants to shrink.  I came to realize: 

At the beginning of my tech career, I was anxious and overlooked. 

Success comes to those who are a bit much. Because a bit much leads to much more.

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I love these tips — they are short, practical, and action packed.
Audrey H.

So how do you start?

It’s by realizing that your day is not defined by big decisions.

Conversations that could be more purposeful, thoughts that could be more powerful, moments that could be more impactful. My whole life, I've taken notes on how to maximize them all.

It is defined by a million tiny actions:

That’s what I want to offer you.

I help you

Make the impossible ... likely

• Be clear about what you want and methodical about pursuing it

• Realize that serendipity isn’t found, it’s made

• Change the stories you tell yourself — the ones that keep you small

• Confidently be yourself — or be no one

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I don't hype up.

I help you focus on what matters most, arming you with strategies to overcome the most common personal challenges to get exactly what you want in life. 

I drill down.


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