I'm Jenny

Some people say I'm a bit much. But they admit I get results. 

My secret: a bit much leads to much more.

I’m an executive at Google running a large operations team that helps drive tens of billions of advertising revenue a year.


I also created one of the largest career development programs in Google history. And now I help people get what they want. 

I was an ambitious person held back by anxiety. I’d lie awake at night, consumed with questions like, “Why don’t I speak up in our team’s monthly Town Hall when I have something to say?” “Why am I intimidated to schedule time with my boss’s boss even though she'd value it, and it’s good for my career?”

Then a subway ride changed everything.

But rewind a decade, and I was destined for none of this.

In 2011, I was single and living in New York City. I spotted an attractive guy across the train from me. I wanted to talk to him, but I was too nervous. Then he got off the train.

Just as the doors were about to close, something took over me.

I leapt up from my seat, chased him down the platform, and gave him my number. 

We got married 3 years later.

The New York Times wrote about us!

When I sit idly by, I get nothing. But when I chase what I want, I create the life I want.

I took the same approach at work. It changed everything.

That moment taught me something.

I started to take on mentees. They told me they lay awake at night too, wondering why they didn’t speak up with good ideas. They were nervous to ask senior leaders for help. They didn’t know how to tastefully self-promote.

I’d been just like them, and I knew I could help.

So I started pushing them.

And now I want to help you. 

As I did, my own career grew — from entry-level to operations executive to founder of Own Your Career. I studied how small, daily actions could increase impact and influence. I created a "playbook" to use with my teams; it increased their confidence and helped them thrive professionally and personally. And soon other teams, at other companies, were asking me to push them out of their subway seats too.

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