By Jenny Wood | published Jan. 31, 2023

The Problem
Your boss asked you to do a project on blue widgets. You thought it would take 1 day. It’s now taken you 5, and you’re still not done. You don’t send them an update, because you figure you’ll just email them when you’re done. You don't even know when the project will be done, so you choose not to waste their time. Unfortunately, on the other end, your boss is wondering what’s up with the blue widgets project. 
The Big Small Thing
Send a non update to them anyway!

Here’s what it can look like and why it’s worth it.


How This Helps You Get What You Want
If you want your boss to think highly of you, over communicating is a great start. 


Let’s Do This

In the next week, send one “(Non) Update” to your boss, customer, or stakeholder.

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Use the hashtag #TheChase because this tip helps you chase what you want, deserve, and CAN achieve.

Delayed on a project from
your boss with nothing to report?

Increase their confidence by sending a 'non-update' email

Subject. Own it right in the subject line: “(Non) update on blue widgets.”

Body: This can be as simple as: “Hi boss, quick update that this is taking a bit longer than expected due to backend data challenges. I’m on it, and will update you when I’m close to finalizing the project. No action needed from you.