By Jenny Wood | published Jan. 17, 2023

The Problem
Every day you have dozens of demands flying at you: projects, emails, meetings, and pings, but you only have so many working hours in a day.
The Big Small Thing
Say YES to the big and say NO to the small.

How This Helps You Get What You Want
If what you want is more responsibility, recognition, or money, you need to be strategic about where you put your time. Your time is rarely best spent replying to your long inbox, doing administrative tasks, or simply saying “yes” to everything that comes your way.
Oh, and Also ...
In Small 2, you can still acknowledge Sam with a celebratory fist bump the next time you pass her in the hall. Avoid feeling pressure to respond to everything that hits your inbox. We often feel obligated to respond because we want to be seen as “supportive” or “a good teammate.” However, these actions take time and have poor ROI for your career. They also clog other’s inboxes.
Let’s do this,

Say YES to the big, NO to the small

My guaranteed secret to career advancement:


• Big 1: Leading the H1 marketing strategy, which is your manager's top priority
• Small 1: Taking notes in the meeting where the team discusses the plan

• Big 2: Launching the culture pillar and creating a new awards program for your team
• Small 2: Replying all, “Happy Birthday, Sam!” as the 18th person to do so on the tread