By Jenny Wood | published March 28, 2023

The Problem
You’re starting something new: a job, relationship, project, friendship, or business venture. You are anxious and have the newbie jitters; your inner gremlins remind you all the reasons you're inadequate. If it's work-related, you tell yourself everyone has more experience, more tenure, and more understanding of the politics than you do. If it's a relationship, you manifest all the reasons you're inadequate: you're not smart enough, funny enough, attractive enough. This imposter syndromes gets in the way of your hitting the ground running or bringing your best self to the partnership.
The Big Small Thing
Focus on what you have not on what you don’t have. 

How This Helps You Get What You Want
When starting something new, come out of the gates strong, confident, and with a growth mindset. This mindset allows you to focus on your strengths and quiet your inner critic.
Let’s Do This

In the next week, reframe one thing you “don’t” have to something you “do” have. Celebrate that you did it by tagging me on LinkedIn or @itsjennywood on Twitter.

Add the hashtag #TheChase because this tip helps you chase what you want, deserve, and CAN achieve.



• You don't have experience, but you do have a fresh perspective.
• You don’t have a big network, but you do have the hustle to build it.
• You don’t perfectly understand the politics, but you do have an unbiased view of the players.
• You don't have zero baggage from you last relationship, but you do have a new, empty suitcase ready to be filled with trust.

Focus on what you have,
not on what you don't have